Client Testimonials

  • I made my demos, sent them out on a weds. morning, had a call from an agency wednesday afternoon, started auditioning on Thursday. – Katy Melody

  • I made my commercial and animation demos with Mike and Anna and got my great agent.– Alex Mckenna

  • Anna and Mike helped me freshen up my commercial demo and I signed with one of the best agencies in LA and am auditioning and working a lot. I cant wait to make my animation demo now. – Lauren Lovett


  • I redid my demos with Anna and Mike and signed with great agents. Anna has the ability to bring out the best in you. She makes it all seem fun and easy. – Jason Stuart, Comedian & Actor


  • Anna’s insights into the creative process is inspiring, fearless and full of compassion. Her big heart, and enormous wisdom,challenges you to give of who you are and in return, you find your voice, she is truly gifted, and an artist at heart. I am extremely happy with the commercial demo I made with her and Mike. – Cheryl Dooley


  • I took Anna Garduño’s amazing voice-over class and did privates with her to create my commercial and animation VO reels. An excellent VO agent heard my demo reels (produced by Anna and Mike) and immediately said she wanted to meet me. I’ve happily been represented by her agency since then. I often refer to specific techniques that Anna has taught me. She is a VO master and a wonderful person, too! Larry Moss originally referred me to her, and I’m most grateful. – Tessa Munro (IMDB Page)


  • I made 3 demos with Mike and Anna commercial-animation and promo, I am now represented in all three areas with a fantastic agency. – Walker Roach

  • As a teacher Anna is incisive, funny, and, perhaps most importantly, PRACTICAL.  What she teaches is simple and actually WORKS.  She is simply the best. – Andy Parks 


Client Comments

  • LOVE IT! – Rebecca Staab (referring to her demos)
  • Thanks,I never,never,would have finished my demo without you. You have a gift.Thanks a whole lot. –  Joshawn McCauley
  • Anna and Mike: I got it! It sounds wonderful, and I look forward to getting it to some agents, etc. Thanks for a super job–both of you! – Dennis Redfield (referring to his commercial demo)
  • Sounds great! I am super pleased. amazing you were able to prep and rehearse all this in just a couple of weeks! – Issadore (referring to her commercial and animation demos)
  • I love it. – Cyndy Fujikawa (referring to her commercial demo)
  • This work is awesome! thank you so much! – Jessica Pearlman (regarding her commercial and animation demos)